Gammon Steaks, Italian Style


serves: 2
1 tbsp olive oil
1 small onion, thinly sliced
75 g button mushrooms, sliced
1 tbsp dried mixed herbs
225 g pack of smoked prime gammon steaks
2 tbsp tomato puree
1 slicing tomato, sliced
150 g pack mozzarella, sliced
olive oil to drizzle
salt and freshly ground black pepper


1. Heat the oil in a small frying pan, stir in the onion and mushrooms and fry until tender and slightly caramelized. Add the dried herbs and fry for a further minute.

2. Snip on the diagonal at regular intervals with a pair of scissors the fat along the edge of the meat. This prevents the steak from curling on cooking.

3. Grill the gammon steaks following instructions on the pack.

4. Smooth a tbsp of tomato puree over each steak. Arrange the tomato slices on each steak and top with the the sauteed onion and mushroom mixture.

5. Arrange on the mozzarella cheese slices and drizzle with olive oil and add seasoning.

6. Place under a moderate grill until golden brown, melted and bubbling.

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Gammon Steaks, Italian Style recipe
posted by Shane @ 04:05PM, 4/10/07
This a very good dish I have just tried it tonight but with a difference to it by adding 2 cloves of garlic to the mushrooms and onions, I am very pleased with the outcome of it and so is the wife, lol.... Thanks to whoever came up with this.
posted by darkey @ 01:23PM, 10/14/08
Yeh i enjoyed this too although i had no mushrooms and i did it with the garlic and instead of mixed herbs n tomoto puree i used spaggetti bolonase sause i no tut tut to i wonder if thats been forgotten on the recipe because with out adding the garlic it wuldnt seem right
posted by mickey @ 01:52PM, 6/30/10
I actually didn't have an onion so went with garlic, seems a popular choice, i deduce that the topping can be altered to suit taste and thanks for the idea of toppings other than pineapple.
posted by Aaron Davis @ 02:26PM, 8/09/10
When i saw this recipe i hat to try it beening a chef myslef i tweek it abit put a tomartoe and garlic puree on the gammon and use a good smoked gammon for that added flavor
the person who discovered this recipe should get a gold medal
A winner
posted by Ozzi Kaz @ 07:09PM, 9/04/10
Yup did the garlic thing also ... after all ... onion without garlic ... I just don't do that! , and cheated on the cheese because I didn't have Mozz and it was still yummy. bought the Gammon because I hadn't for years then realised my hub doesn't like sweety things with meat so had to look for a Non- sweet recipe and this was appreciated all round.
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