Country Vegetable Soup

A hearty soup, full of natural goodness and flavour.


serves 6
1 kg (2 lb) mixed root vegetables — carrots, celery, Jerusalem artichokes, leeks, onions, parsnips, potatoes, swedes, turnips, etc.
75 g (3 oz) butter or margarine
2 cloves garlic, sliced
bay leaf
salt and pepper to taste
300 ml (1/2 pt) good chicken or vegetable stock
a little grated cheese to garnish (optional)


1. Wash and prepare the vegetables, trimming and peeling where necessary, and slice them.

2. Heat the butter or margarine in a large pan and add the vegetables, garlic, bay leaf, and a little salt and pepper.

3. Stir well, then cover and cook slowly for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

4. Add the stock, bring to the boil, then cover and simmer gently for 30 minutes or until the vegetables are tender.

5. Remove the bay leaf. Strain the soup, reserving the liquid.

6. Coarsely mash or blend half the vegetables. Add to the liquid.

7. Sieve or liquidize the remaining vegetables until they form a thick puree.

8. Add to the soup, reheat and taste for seasoning.

9. Spoon into individual bowls and serve sprinkled with grated cheese, if wished.

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Country vegetable coup
posted by Nicola Allington @ 06:31AM, 10/20/07
I have just made this soup with my children (aged 5&6yrs). Whilst it was absolutely beautiful the quantities were not correct. I followed the recipe accurately but the above quantities only provided 4 small portions of soup (for lunch). I will definately do the soup again but will double up on the quantities.
C/Veg soup
posted by Keith the Cook @ 07:08AM, 2/05/08
Must agree with Nicola, only 2lbs of vegetables between 6 people ? not enough at all .... try taking out the artichokes and use something like Broccoli too.
Country veg soup
posted by Rich @ 06:57AM, 3/28/08
As a novice cook I made this soup and it tasted absolutely fantastic. I agree with the comments - double up on the quantaties and there'll be enough for 6 people as a starter.
posted by helen @ 08:10AM, 9/17/08
This soup is lovely, i made the stock quantities a bit more and then added dumplings. Lovely.
posted by Amanda Kingston @ 05:58AM, 1/16/09
First time i have made a soup, but everybody loved it, but you do have to double the quantities to get decent sized bowls, and i added more stock. But a huge hit with all the family
Country Veg Soup
posted by Bbhoy7 @ 08:33AM, 2/06/09
Very nice soup, plenty of veg and the kids, my wife and i love it. Thanks for the recipe!
Counrty Veg Soup
posted by Sue @ 09:37AM, 2/12/09
Definitly Needs More Stock Added At Least Half Again
To What The Recipe Says
Country vegetable soup
posted by paul @ 12:47PM, 2/12/09
It's my first time making soup i didn't mash the veg and it was delicious
Healthy hit
posted by Christina @ 04:57PM, 11/02/09
I took advice from the other reviews, added more stock and didn't mash the veg. Absolutely delicious and a hit with everyone. Thanks
Veg Soup
posted by TT @ 02:47PM, 1/02/10
I didnt use the artichokes or turnips but added a little cream at the end and another 1/2 pint of stock as to thick else
posted by Pam Young @ 11:14AM, 1/05/10
Well, doubled stock quantity. Otherw, added litle sprinkle of chilli powder to give a kick and small squirt of tomato puree, yum. JUst what you ned with crusty bread after 5" of snow today
Bit Rich
posted by Paul C. @ 03:14PM, 1/17/10
I have to confess this is my first time at cooking, i followed the instructions and added more stock, however we found it a bit rich, must have been the butter. Mind you got a brownie point from my wife for ving a go.
posted by Claudy @ 10:55AM, 1/26/10
As with most others, added more stock. Also added a bit of ginger and mixed spices. Really nice...will be doing it again. Oh, had it as a main light meal with garlic bread.
Good Times
posted by Josh @ 10:22AM, 2/19/10
As a broke, good for nothing student with much of his motor skills destroyed by computer games and alcohol, I found this recipe so foolproof that even I managed to get a good, balanced, definitely-healthier-than-a-pot-noodle meal out of it. And it's cheap too, which is always a plus point when saving the pennies for tight jeans and guitar strings.

I added a bit of tobasco, and took some liberties with the vegetables I used, but otherwise, this recipe is, to quote Tony Montana, 'some class A ****'.

Back of the net.
Country vegetable soup
posted by Maz @ 01:47PM, 3/22/10
I have made this soup loads of times, family favourite!
Does need a bit more stock.
A delicious no nonsense recipe
posted by Chris @ 11:18AM, 7/08/10
You can tell this recipe hasn't been sponsored by a supermarket as it doesn't contain tons of unnecessary stuff you're not likely to have in the cupboard. Agree with the other commenters. Adjust ingredients to suit. i personally like to adjust the ratio of stock to veg in favour of stock, then I blitz all the solids to make it a smooth soup. Delicious.
A versatile base for experimentation
posted by Guth @ 11:36AM, 7/08/10
This is a very nice soup with plenty of room for adjustment to your own particular fancies. I make this recipe as it is often enough, but I occasionally like to mulligatawny it up a bit. Add some uncooked chicken breast along with the veg at the start. Then just before you add the stock, stir in a couple of teaspoons of mild curry powder. You can also add some cooked noodles at the end if you like.
Tasty and straight forward
posted by AC @ 04:03PM, 7/21/10
Very simple yet very tasty recipe for soup. We added a dash of chilli sauce which gave it a bit of a kick!
Is the Stock supposed to go really thick?! :S
posted by Bryony @ 08:58AM, 8/13/10
I'm cooking it a day in advance to heat up for my mum's birthday - The stock's gona quite thick? I'm worried!
I used half the amounts of ingredients to get two small bowls as it will be the starter
Good and healthy vegetbales soups
posted by aanisha @ 12:15PM, 9/17/10
Now how come you put soap in your soap
Healthy fillingsoup
posted by Lucinda Ryan @ 08:13AM, 2/01/11
Hearty. Healthy. Would halve the butter and add broccili in small florets also cauliflower and double them amount of stock. Good serving for 4 with crusty bread (garlic, toast )

Add A Little Lamb Stock
posted by Soup Addict @ 03:42AM, 1/07/12
This soup was easy to make and tastes absolutely delicious. I added a couple of Lamb Stock cubes when the vegetables were softening and it really enhanced all the flavours.

Great recipe !
Wholesome Supper
posted by Bridget @ 05:27PM, 1/31/12
Doubled stock kept veg quantities the same and made garlic bread on the side. Was a great success and perfect supper for two on a winter evening. Will certainly make again.
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