Soft Chocolate Icing


makes enough for a 22 - 24 cm (8 1/2 - 9 1/2 in) cake
100 g (4 oz) plain chocolate
40 g (1 1/2 oz) unsalted butter, cut in pieces
30 ml (2 tbsp) water
75 g (3 oz) icing sugar, sifted


1. Melt the chocolate in a bowl set over simmering water.

2. Stir in the icing sugar and the butter and continue stirring until the butter has melted and the mixture is smooth.

3. Remove from the heat and add the water, 1 tbsp at a time. Use while lukewarm.

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Soft Chocoate Icing
posted by Elizabeth @ 04:38AM, 11/05/08
Does anyone know how long this recipe will keep? I want to use it for a rich fruit cake for christmas.
Answer to Elizabeth's question
posted by Georgie @ 12:39PM, 11/28/08
I would personaly make the icing at a maximum 10 days before christmas as you want the icing to stay fresh
posted by Robert @ 04:46PM, 12/24/08
Excellent recipe, worked really well :)
posted by Amy @ 12:36PM, 2/17/09
This did not work at all. The butter collected and congealed at the bottom. It was a bit disgusting. Oh dear
posted by Jayne @ 03:45PM, 3/22/09
I really love this!! I made it today for a mothers day surprise and she loved it!
posted by ennpee @ 05:59AM, 3/27/09
Be warned though if you use this for 12 chocolate buns there is quite a lot left and you have to clean out the bowl. It's a tough job . . . .
posted by Darius Mcdillan @ 03:52PM, 4/13/09
Try it with the lockness monster, mmmmmmmmmmmmm xxx
It works
posted by deefa @ 03:59AM, 4/14/09
Nearly forgot to put in the water, lol. To clarify I recommend you only add a tspn of water at a time as you might not need the extra liquid.. so add one first and stir in then judge.

To Bad Amy, if your butter congealed then you obviously had the heat too high on the water, silly sausage. Turn it down after the butter has melted and watch at all times.
posted by Mike @ 01:34PM, 4/16/09
Great recipe worked perfectly, my daughter and her friends loved it.... Result!
Didn't work for me
posted by lapraz @ 03:58PM, 4/18/09
Sorry guys did not work for me looked very sickly ;-(
posted by Safae @ 01:23PM, 5/03/09
Im half way through making a chocolate cake...then i remembered i needed icing...just found it so i'll let you know when i try my cake :P
posted by Amy Aus @ 11:17AM, 5/16/09
I am hopeless at preparing icing! HOPELESS! But i actually had not trouble with this! Its wickedly delicious - I didnt need to use the water at the end.
Very good recipe
posted by the best @ 07:08AM, 6/14/09
It was alright but there could be more chocolate :)
Choclate icing
posted by becky123 @ 07:10AM, 6/22/09
I used this on cupcakes for my 2 children and they loved it making another batch today. thank you
Yum Yum...
posted by Vivo44 @ 07:41AM, 7/26/09
This recipe is brill very easy ,but keep your water temp low when melting chocolate thats the key to perfection.
Never fail recipe
posted by sid @ 10:26AM, 8/21/09
I tried the recipe with 75 gram butter and it was great...

Thanks for sharing the perfect recipie....never fail recipe...
posted by Sidumy @ 12:21PM, 9/18/09
It was fab my guests loved it, as i made it on our eid festival
it was just gone by a day
thanks 4 sharin tht recipe
Didn't work for me
posted by tray @ 05:08PM, 10/02/09
Not for me...went funny and seperated :(
posted by Lauren @ 02:15PM, 10/15/09
The icing is really good for placing ontop of muffins. It makes them really well decorated if u place smarties or different coloured buttons on the top. You need to do this tho b4 the icing sets
Soooo Creeaammyy
posted by Rosalina @ 04:35PM, 12/23/09
This was an amazing recipe it tasted so delicious and it was so simple to make!
Managed to rescue it!
posted by Jess @ 12:39PM, 5/11/10
Didn't work for me...soon after adding the icing sugar and butter it all separated in to a horrible consistency but I poured out the liquid part and kept stirring it until it went better then added more melted chocolate. It was just about usable by the end....I'm sure there are better recipes out there!
Did nt wrok
posted by martin @ 03:05AM, 8/11/10
All looked great until i added the icing sugar.
was no longer smooth, dont know if using 90% cocoa based chocolate was at fault. maybe try with Hershy at only 5% and see what happens
posted by khalid @ 11:31AM, 9/03/10
I knew that i will fail but it worked for me????
Second time lucky
posted by snodcumber @ 03:32PM, 12/29/10
First lot separated into 3 - a sticky stringy looking blob, water and molten fat.

Second, third, forth & fith - lot I took off the heat before adding the ingredients and it worked well ie a bowl in a bowl of hot water.

Used it 4 times now, 2 with 80% plain, 1 with milk chocolate and last with white chocolate.
posted by harvey @ 03:35PM, 12/29/10
Worked well but still too brittle
posted by debbie @ 04:40PM, 2/22/11
Worked perfectly and was delicious on my chocolate cake
posted by Emma @ 05:44PM, 3/11/11
I use this recipe every time I make a chocolate cake now. (Probably a bit too often!) And it works perfectly every single time. And it tastes really good too. It's a huge hit for me! If it isn't working for you it isn't the recipe it's your method I'm afraid! If it's brittle and not combining well then you possibly adding too much icing sugar at once, add a little at a time and make sure it's well combined before adding more or alternate icing sugar then a little water then icing sugar again. If the chocolate's brittle I think that means the heats too high.
Worked well
posted by sassyg @ 08:43AM, 3/20/11
Worked first time but did think it had gone horribly wrong at one point. the water at the end seemed to redeem the mixture then a lot of elbow grease to beat it smooth. Tastes delicious would definitely agree that low heat is the best.
Work excellant
posted by samantha @ 04:25PM, 4/09/11
Really easy quick and simple i dont understand how some people can get this wrong if you butter seperated have you never made anything with butter? its obvious how to sto it from seperating, if your a first timer then, fair enough, but if youve made a few things in your time you should get the hang of it, its a peice of cake if you'l pardon the partdon
posted by dolly @ 10:09AM, 4/14/11
It was the best recipe i've used. It goes well with all three chocolates-dark, milk, white!
Absolutely Fab
posted by Kevin @ 05:14PM, 6/05/11
Never cooked a cake before in my life until today. Used this as the topping. Worked like a dream.
posted by Leanne @ 01:02PM, 6/30/11
Can you pipe this icing?
Did not work for me
posted by JL @ 11:11AM, 8/25/11
The recipe sounded good but unfortunately it did not turn out as planned. I used quality bakers chocolate and followed the recipe to the letter. The icing came out slightly lumpy. Fine for a thin filling in a 'richer' style cake but not as an icing.
posted by Simona @ 07:51AM, 11/06/11
Very tasty but a bit lumpy
Needed egg yolk
posted by Andy @ 11:38AM, 2/24/12
The butter separated from the rest of the mixture but when I added an egg yolk it mixed in nicely.
posted by Hollie @ 03:02PM, 5/06/12
Thanks for the recipe! worked brilliantly, it sounds like other people haven't been stirring the mixture enough, i thought it looked weird at first but when i added the water it turned out perfectly!! Great icing, really tasty too :)
posted by Julie @ 07:20AM, 11/11/12
Does anyone know how much cupcakes this amount of icing would decorate?
I don't want too much left over by the end. :D
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