Basic Cheese Sauce (Coating Sauce)


2 tbsp (25 g) 1 oz butter
3 tbls (25 g) 1 oz flour
1 1/4 cup (1/2 pint) 300 ml milk
3 oz (75 g) cheese, grated


1. Melt the butter in a saucepan and add the flour.

2. Cook, stirring, for 2 minutes, then gradually stir in the milk.

3. Bring to the boil and simmer, still stirring, until thickened.

4. Add the cheese and stir until it melts and the sauce is smooth.

5. Use a coating cheese sauce to cover fish, eggs, meat, vegetables, etc.

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posted by fkdsug @ 10:24AM, 8/25/08
This really helped
Thank You
posted by nathan @ 01:45PM, 9/22/08
This is really helpfull thank you
Quick and Simple
posted by Joansie @ 11:39AM, 9/23/08
This is a quick quick and simple recipe. It is also easy to remember. Thank you
Easy peesy
posted by jules jp @ 02:19PM, 11/05/08
I found this really good
The sauce thickened easily and I added a bit more cheese for extra flavour if I remember will also add a little djon mustard for extra taste next time
Very good base recipe thank you
posted by Rebecca @ 03:32PM, 11/24/08
Thanks - this worked a treat, especially when done with mature cheddar and a bit of mustard and pepper for seasoning. Thickened easily and didn't go lumpy. Even I couldn't mess it up. Thanks.
Not bad
posted by lee @ 03:19AM, 11/30/08
Not bad seen better, worked tho only used it to jog my memory as i am a chef and had to do a dinner party for 300 people so i used it on cauliflower cheese they liked it any way but when you had to use 6 pints of milk it was ok
posted by Chris @ 02:05PM, 12/09/08
My first cheese sauce - better than the packet mix & made using stuff already in the kitchen. I used a mture cheese for extra tastiness.
posted by Madam Lizin @ 11:44AM, 1/05/09
Super et v. easy et v. yummy!!!!!!!!
J'adore the sauce et i will recommend!
Nice one!!
posted by darren fraser @ 12:43PM, 2/22/09
Really nice sauce it was easy to make and tasted good,brilliant for cauliflour cheese.

Nice one!
posted by stacey @ 01:53PM, 5/19/09
Thank you these are really good instrucktions to follow and it helps with the tbsp and cup measurements thank you
Simple Pimple !
posted by ahsga @ 10:19AM, 5/23/09
Thank you !! this worked very well, something quick and easy to make and very easy to remember. It works really welll with pasta instead of tomatoe sauce really well. YUMMY...
posted by Pat @ 01:31PM, 6/24/09
Too much time and effort. Much easier, and cheaper, to go and buy a packet
First cheese sauce I have ever made!
posted by Laura @ 02:53PM, 10/05/09
Very easy to make and delicious!! Thank you!
posted by Mr Blobby @ 02:41PM, 3/04/10
Thanks for giving me the simpilist method for cheese sauce
It really helps me for my GCSE
Easy cheesy sauce baby
posted by shaz @ 09:14AM, 5/10/10
Wow exellent and very easy to follow,i think the only hardest part 4 me woz to type this commont,as im useless with computers,suprised i even found your recipe!thanx again
posted by For my Baby T @ 06:35PM, 6/16/10
Much healthier than packet rubbish very simple and quick
Thanks x
Qick and easy and lovely
posted by Aimee field @ 09:57AM, 9/26/10
This is a qick and easy recipe to make and it is lovely and a little bit spice`e
Very floury
posted by megan @ 10:01AM, 10/25/10
Done exactly wot the recipe said. could taste the chakly taste of flour. Added a little cheese to try and take the flour taste away. it didnt work! so added a little more pepper. no luck. wont be using this again
Nice and easy
posted by CHARLES MURRAY @ 12:02PM, 11/11/10
I dont have scales. so I just guessed the butter / flour , and added SOYA milk unlit i liked the look of it...then added cheese to taste.

posted by anom @ 02:12PM, 1/17/11
As soon as i added the flour it clumped! load of rubbish!
On the fence!
posted by Lucy @ 08:19AM, 5/11/11
When I added the flour it clumped like the person above has said! I got the clumps out with a spoon once the milk was added but still had to use a hand blender to make the sauce smooth. Maybe the milk should go in before the flour? First cheese sauce I've made though and it did the job :)
posted by lauren @ 11:35AM, 6/16/11
It was really yummy a bit to much flour but nice i think it would taste better with a bit of onion
Easy Cheesy 
posted by Shuffle puffle  @ 08:26AM, 1/07/12
Tasty tasty tasty I recomend it a lot.
posted by kate @ 08:52AM, 2/02/12
Very easy to make made it for my 7 month old in a fish pie and she loved it
thank you
Good, I guess
posted by Dani @ 12:29AM, 4/04/12
It was a success, which is more than I can say for my previous attempts. It got a bit gluey, and the flavour of the sauce sucked, so I added sausage, onion and mushroom, very finely diced. 100x better. Mmm! My son LOVES it on noodles! Thanks for the recipe!
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