Banana Cake


2 or 3 very ripe bananas
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 stick (8 Tbsp)4 oz (100 g) butter or margarine
1/2 cup (100 g) 4 oz caster sugar (superfine granulated)
2 eggs, beaten
2 cups (225 g) 8 oz self-raising flour
lemon icing (optional)


1. Mash the bananas with the lemon juice.

2. Cream together the fat and sugar, then beat in the eggs followed by the bananas.

3. Sift the flour and mix into the banana mixture.

4. Turn into a greased 15 x 20 cm (6 x 8 inch) cake tin and bake in a moderately hot oven 200°C (400°F) Gas Mark 6 for 40 to 45 minutes.

5. Cool on a wire rack.

6. If you like, ice the cake with a lemon icing, but it is very nice plain.

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posted by debra @ 02:04PM, 8/25/08
This reciped doesn't tell you how many it serves
Timing all wrong
posted by djcookin @ 11:16AM, 10/25/08
Tried and failed twice to make a decent cake from this. I followed it to the letter for the first attempt (using 3 bananas) and ended up with crispy coated mush, so I used two bananas and reduced the heat to 180c and even after an hour, the outside was burnt and the inside was still too soft. Maybe this isn't a recipe for fan assisted ovens, but this was a big dissappointment.
posted by Elgini @ 11:30AM, 11/03/08
It says in the recipe to add icing if you want, but the icing completely ruins the cake! My advice is to leave it plain, or if it's a bit dry, to add a bit of water while creaming together the fat and sugar ect.
Lemon curd!
posted by Lola @ 05:09AM, 11/10/08
I made this and it was gogeous, I would recommend slicing and serving with lemon curd so people can have as much or as little topping as they like. Mine did burn on the outside but was very light inside so I think it was just me getting used to a new oven.
Burning on the outside!
posted by Adelle @ 09:19AM, 11/11/08
200 C for a cake is a bit high....maybe turning the oven down would help. i always turn the oven down to maybe 180'C and then it cooks right through. then just turn the oven off and leave in the oven to be a little firmer in the middle if needed.
Too Much Flour!
posted by Cherry, Buxton @ 02:47PM, 11/27/08
I have a different recipe which uses 100g of flour but also has my added ingredients of baking power, mixed spices and a dash of milk.

makes a beautiful banana cake!
Add more moisture
posted by Sally - Yorkshire @ 10:45AM, 12/09/08
Found this recipe to be really easy, even for my four year old to help with. I added some milk and it was gorgeous. Did turn down heat after 30 mins.Yum!
All went well
posted by lisa orger @ 07:28AM, 1/07/09
Can i just say that when making this cake everything went really well and when the cake was cooked it tasted great as well
Easy to make!
posted by Jackie Short @ 12:11PM, 2/04/09
My 13 year old daughter made this with no help and it turned out lovely. Used 3 bananas though as 2 didn't seem enough.
Excellent Result
posted by Dorothy Taylor @ 12:38PM, 2/12/09
Took note of readers' comments, used 2 and a half bananas, added 1 teaspoon baking powder to self raising and, also using a fan oven, baked at a temperature of gas mark 5 equivalent.
Easy to make... but what will it taste like ?
posted by Richie (Bath uk) @ 01:49PM, 3/16/09
Researched some recipes on line (am I allowed to say googled ?) and they were all so complicated until I found this one...... easy to make, although I was tempted to turn down the heat a touch as I was concerned it would not cook through.

Looks great, smells great, appears to be cooked and was so easy to make... however cant try it until my wife and daughter come home !
Perfect cake
posted by steven lawson @ 06:02PM, 3/18/09
This cake tasted great although I did put in 3 bananas as 2 didnt seem enough, this tasted great sliced with a thin layer of chocolate spread on it.
posted by Nutters @ 11:01AM, 3/24/09
Made this cake but as fan oven reduced temp to 160, added a couple of teaspoons of baking powder and it's just perfect. Not burnt just Yummy.
Great tasting cake
posted by Molly Armstrong @ 03:54PM, 4/01/09
I made this cake for the first time and thought it was really easy. I did turn the oven temperature down and put some foil on the top of the cake during cooking otherwise it would have probably burned. It kept really fresh and moist for several days and my husband keeps asking when am I going to make another.
Loved it =]
posted by A bbey young @ 01:59PM, 4/06/09
It was really easy and tasted awesome ;)
wooo making it again!!!!
Very Easy
posted by hh @ 05:47PM, 4/23/09
Quick, easy and gorgeous - what mare could you ask for.
No problem whatsoever!
posted by Nanny Owen @ 04:10PM, 5/17/09
I cooked the cake at the specified temperature for 45 mins and it was perfectly cooked. I did however cook it in a 7" round cake tin. My husband tells me its a lovely cake! Those with a fan oven need to remember to reduce the temperature as they cook much hotter.
Banana Cake
posted by Katy @ 07:57AM, 6/01/09
I live in Thailand and have an abundance of bananas, but no oven, can I make this in a microwave? The microwave also has an Oven option but really don't know if this works the same as a normal oven.
posted by Terry Wood @ 04:01PM, 7/21/09
It is imperative for a successful cake of any type to use 160°c in a fan assisted oven. I have made many cakes over the years and found that too high a temperature and too long a cooking time is not good. Yes the turbo oven in the combination micro-wave works perfectly. Use mine most of the time, as an alternative to the Butane gas oven.
Temperature and chocolate
posted by Helen @ 05:52PM, 7/25/09
Followed the above temperature instructions and added a few squares of good quality dark chocolate cut into small pieces - Lovely !!
posted by tanya @ 07:52PM, 8/17/09
Very very easy recipe..it turned out to be very delicious i enjoyed with chocolate ice cream...yummy :-)
Perfect cake!
posted by Zuzana @ 06:30PM, 12/14/09
I was a bit worried after redding some of teh reviews, but it turned out to be a very simple to use and yummy cake. I used 3 bananas, also 1/2 teaspoon baking powder ( not on the list) and I covered it with foil after 15 minutes in the oven so it would not burn. Left it in the oven for 45 minutes and baked it on 180 fan oven. Recommend to others!
What a mish mash
posted by Ernest @ 06:51PM, 12/17/09
To start with use only level cup measures, except for the fat content, I thought that this was a little light in that department especially with 2 cups of flour. 200deg C for a cake or bread is way too high try 180 or 170 fan forced. It is adviseable to cover it half way through with baking paper to prevent further browning. The picture in no way represents the results given the ingredients it is way to dark.
Excellent Cake
posted by Tisha @ 05:35PM, 12/28/09
OMG the most amazing banana cake ever... Added 2tablespoons of Cocoa and 100g melted chocolate to get a Chocolate banana cake... baked at 160deg C for 1hr and it didn't burn, baked very well...lovely cake mmmmmm
Lovely with a few adjustments
posted by Holly @ 02:57PM, 1/22/10
Followed recipe but added 1/3 cup tea soaked sultanas and used 4 frozen black bananas (fairly smallish) and some spices. Turned fan oven down to about 160 for the last 15 minutes and came out lovely and mosit. Not as dark as the photo but I'm not really sure the photo matches the recipe anyway. No icing but great fresh from the oven sliced with a little butter.
Cocoa added, lovely
posted by Kveta and BBear @ 02:39PM, 2/01/10
I agree, excellent cake, i added Cocoa and baked slowly for an hour at about 160 -180C covered with a foil. It had a lovely chocolatey crust yet still moist and soft inside. Delish with vanila ice cream.
posted by jenni @ 08:00AM, 3/14/10
Timing was spot on come out a bit flat so i did another with baking powder and bingo spot on very yummy
posted by Emmaline @ 02:01PM, 4/05/10
Cake came out well, added a handful of chopped fudge to the mix prior to baking.
Easy peasy
posted by Rachel @ 01:55PM, 4/17/10
Just LOVE this recipe. Have made it many times and never had a disaster yet. Must be the easiest cake recipe ever. I sometimes even take it out of the oven a bit early because my kids love it all stodgy with ice-cream! I always add cinnamon though, makes all the difference.
posted by Ross @ 07:05AM, 5/05/10
The recipe is wonderful the cake turns out beautifully and for those who like to experement this caks the one try an addition of chocolate chips (i perfer white one) or some !dried! fruit (fresh will tante the batter) then you can try adding some essence vinilla maybe even a little banana for extra flavor or just try something random you dont have to its perfect the way it is :)
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