Snowman Icing Face Christmas Cake


serves: 24
1 square Christmas cake board
2 x 450 g packs ready rolled white icing
blue food colouring
20 cm round Christmas cake, top trimmed to create a flat surface
2 tbsp apricot glaze, warmed following pack instructions
400 g pack ready rolled marzipan
500 g pack ready to roll coloured icing (contains red, greeen, yellow and black icing)
black tube from the supercook writing icing tubes


1. Wet the cake board with cooled boiled water, then cover with 1 pack of the ready rolled white icing. Trim, saving the surplus. Dab the surface with blue food colouring using kitchen paper.

2. Brush the cake with apricot glaze. Unroll the marzipan, lift onto the cake using a rolling pin and smooth down the sides to remove any air bubbles. Trim the base edge and leave to dry for at least 15 minutes.

3. Brush the marzipan with a little cooled boiled water. Unroll the remaining ready rolled icing and use a rolling pin to lift onto the cake. Carefully smooth down the sides to remove any air bubbles and trim the edges and save any surplus.

4. Reserve a 1 cm widthways slice from each block of red, green and yellow icing. Roll out a pointy hat from remaining red icing.

5. For the hat trim and pompom, roll 3/4 remaining white icing into 25 cm sausage and a ball. "Fluff up" both with the tip of a sharp knife.

6. Knead a little red icing into some white icing until pink, then make 2 cheeks. Shape 2 eyes and a mouth from the black icing, and 2 pupils from white icing. Cut 2 holly leaves from green icing. Roll 3 berries from red icing. Knead a small amount of the remaining red icing into some of the yellow icing to make an orange carrot nose.

7. For the scarf, cut remaining green and yellow icing into 1 cm widthways slices. Press alternate colours together, roll out to 25 cm x 10 cm, then cut in half lengthways. Feather one end of each piece with a knife.

8. Use cooled boiled water to secure the hat, scarf and all other features to the cake, using the picture as a guide.

9. Use the black tube of icing for the mouth.

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