Tangerine Marmalade


yield 5 lb
3 lb. tangerines
6 lemons
5 pints water
3 lb. preserving sugar


1. Cut the clean fruit in half and squeeze out the juice, setting the pips aside.

2. Remove the membranes from the tangerines, with a teaspoon, and put them in a bowl, together with the pips and 1/2 pint of cold water.

3. Cut the tangerine peel into narrow strips (there is no pith on these fruits).

4. Peel the lemons and add the pith to the pips.

5. Leave the peel, the fruit juices and the remaining water in a large bowl for about 8 hours.

6. Bring the contents of the large bowl to the boil, with the fruit membranes, pith and peel tied in muslin.

7. Boil steadily for about 1 hour or until reduced by half, then remove the muslin bag and add the sugar.

8. Boil until set.

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Tangerine Marmalade
posted by Frances @ 06:05AM, 2/12/09
I assume the water that you have been soaking the pips, membranes and lemon pith is added to the main pan containing the skin, juice and wate and not just discarded?
Ambiguous instructions for tangerine marmalade
posted by Elizabeth Hipgrave @ 07:49AM, 2/16/09
The method is unclear about the lemon peel. If it is boiled up with fruit membranes and pith, it is likely to make the marmalade very bitter due to the lemon oil released from the peel. Presumably the cut tangerine peel only is soaked with fruit juices and water for 8 hours. Please clarify which peel is meant in stages 5 and 6. Thanks. Elizabeth, Lincoln
Tangerine Marmalade. Lemon peel used or not?
posted by Betty Adams @11.10 am 16 April o9 New Zealand @ 07:14PM, 4/14/09
In this recipe there are no specific instructions for the lemon peel. I assume this is shredded and used together with the tangerine peel as in a mixed fruit marmalade. The juice only can be used as in a Seville orange recipe but there probably would not be a yield of 5lb and could be too sweet..
This a very good recipe and very clear
posted by georgia villalobos @ 01:45PM, 2/21/10
The marmalade has body, using all the tangerine. only thing to remove is the seeds.. the instructions are very clear.
i made 5 batches already.. it has body, nothing is wasted, and it is very easy.. cuting in half, using a fork to remove seeds then slicing in the food processor. no waste..all fruilt.
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