Homemade Damson Jam


yield 2.5kg (approx)
1.25kg damsons
500ml water
3 lb (1.5 kg) sugar


1. Remove the stalks, wash the damsons, and put into a preserving pan with the water.

2. Cook slowly until the damsons are well broken down.

3. Add the sugar, stir over low heat until dissolved, then bring to the boil and boil rapidly.

4. Remove the stones as they rise to the surface (a stone basket clipped to the side of the pan is useful for holding the stones, and allows any liquid to drip back into the pan).

5. Continue boiling rapidly until setting point is reached. (Test for set after about 10 minutes of rapid boiling.)

6. Remove from the heat, skim, pot, cover, and label.

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posted by mikal @ 10:17AM, 8/27/07
Too much--far too much sugar.
Damson jam
posted by carol @ 10:05AM, 9/01/07
I agree with mikal, far too much sugar. 12oz to 1lb fruit is enough!
posted by cortneydon @ 07:11AM, 8/16/08
I went with carol less suger it was spot on thank you for your tip got first prize with it in our local show
posted by Stewart @ 03:45AM, 8/30/08
As a man, I guessed all weights and although the end result was more like Damson treacle, at least it was the most 'set' jam I have ever made. Tastes great, but very very sweet!
Less sugar
posted by lydia lawley @ 01:09PM, 8/07/09
I had about 1.25 kg of damsons and used about 2lb less than a kg anyway cos i had used some of the sugar from the bag and i did end up using a bit more water as i washed the stomes to get the pulp off not to let ay go to waste,and put back in the pot i let the fruit cook for quite a long time thoug so it had alot of evaporation time.
result!!! a wonderfully coloured, tart,full flavoured jam.
posted by Andrew @ 11:17AM, 8/13/09
I agree. Every recipe for jams or marmalades always completely over estimates on sugar. With , amsons, taste one.if they are ripe or are windfalls they have loads of sugar already. If just stewing fruit add no sugar until cooked and tasted and remember you can always add more sugar but you can't take it away.
HELP jam wont set
posted by J Lord @ 11:20AM, 8/18/09
Could anyone advise what to do my damson jam wont set.
Damson jam
posted by Eileen @ 02:40PM, 8/20/09
I have made this jam before with the amounts you say and it was great but I am going to go with less sugar this time, thank you for the tip.
How long?
posted by Emma pike @ 12:04PM, 8/22/09
Please can youtell me how long you can leave the jam before eating it

Quick trick
posted by Lancs Lad @ 11:03AM, 9/02/09
After thorough washing and removing stalks freeze the damsons overnight, allow to thaw naturally then follow step 2, turn off heat, 99% of the pits will quickly come to the surface and can be quickly removed leaving just a few to skim during boiling with about 20% less sugar and less burnt fingers
posted by Anni @ 10:35AM, 9/03/09
Jams set because of the sugar and/or pectin used in a recipe. Pectin is found in tart fruits, such as Damsons, and so it's usually not an issue. However, if your Damsons are very ripe, they will have lost a lot of their pectin and you may need to add a little lemon juice.

If this is not the case, you just need to boil it for longer.
Loveley Jam
posted by Maria Theresa Fletcher @ 04:16PM, 9/06/09
I made this jam and sieved the fruit pulp to remove the stones.
It looks more like a jelly but tastes really nice. Shines like a jewel. Another lot I made left most of the stones in as first batch was hard work. Still a good firm jam, nice and clear with stones !
Less sugar
posted by rob L @ 05:19PM, 9/09/09
Jam too sweet. Use less sugar!
Setting Point?
posted by Paul @ 09:54AM, 9/12/09
Hello, can you help me please? I'm absolutely brand new to jam making but as I've got 2.5kg of freshly picked Damsons off our trees I want to use them and not waste them. I've read this recipe and seems very easy and I think I will go with the concensus and not use too much sugar!

One question I have...exactly how do I test for the "setting point"? (Sorry if that sounds stupid but I've no idea!!)

Setting Point
posted by Jammy Spoon @ 04:54AM, 9/15/09
Test by spooning a little of the boiling mixture on to a chilled saucer. Cool slightly then push with your finger - if it wrinkles it is ready.
Pectin test
posted by Maxine @ 07:35AM, 9/17/09
If you are unsure about the ripeness of the fruit & whether to 'cheat' by adding pectin, carry out this test. Take 5 ml of the boiled juice (ie BEFORE the sugar has gone in) & place in a small pot like an egg cup. Allow to cool then add 15 ml of methylatedmeth spirits. Leave for 1 min. A firm, jelly like clot indicates lots of pectin. Clots that fall apart easily indicate less pectin (either boil without a lid to concentrate it or use jam sugar).
Too sweet?
posted by Chris @ 02:31AM, 9/26/09
There's another reason people's jams may be too sweet, apart from there being too much sugar in this recipe. When making jam, it's always best to use slightly under-ripe fruit which has more tartness. I made a batch of jam yesterday with really ripe damsons so added lime juice - 1 lime per 2 pounds of damsons. Really delicious - I'm munching the results on toast as I type.
Lovely jam
posted by Zoe moore @ 03:27PM, 10/05/09
I have never made Jam before, and i was delighted to find that it set just perfectly and tasted great too! I did not add as much sugar as they suggested and used brown sugar as well as I ran out of the ordinary white cane sugar! Result... perfection!!
Damson jam . EASY PEEZY way to de,stone damsons
posted by MAGGIE,THE JAM MAKING QUEEN @ 05:20PM, 1/17/10
I make all kinds of jam,use 1lb sugar to 1lb damsons .ZOE MOORE buy ajam thermometer,it clips on jam kettle.i all ways weigh 1lb 1/4 of damsons ,i do 8lb at a time,put them inbags and freeze,now this is worth the effert! at bed time tip frozendamsons into a few bowls,in morning you can rub stones from fruit with fingers,i discard stones. .happy jam making girls
June Girling Bury St Edmunds
posted by June @ 07:42AM, 9/06/10
I am off now to make my Damson Jam. Somevery helpful Damson Jam recipes. Will add a little less sugar than stated. Will let you know results. Thanks
Very tasty
posted by The Millers @ 01:25PM, 9/12/10
As first time jam maker - this recipe was so easy. I agree with the comments on the sugar amount - I used 1lb of sugar for 1lb of fruit and it came out sweet but tangy. Need some scones now :0). thanks all
Shame I didn't see the reviews before I made this.
posted by Sheelagh @ 10:24AM, 9/18/10
I have just wasted our first batch of damsons making this over sugared 'jam'. Sadly I didn't see the reviews as the whole page was taken up by the recipe and the equipment and I didn't think to scroll down. It was too sugary to set properly and now has no flavour. Next time I'll look out the tried and tested that I used to use and which has never failed. Any suggestions of what to do with the sugar tasting result?
posted by Ann Gurney @ 08:33AM, 9/20/10
Just made your recipe damson jam, should the skins disolve or should they go into the jar
Spot on!
posted by Lesley @ 12:49PM, 12/19/10
Used slightly underripe damsons and same amount of sugar as fruit (including stones) was perfect, sweet and sour and very very tasty!
Damson jam
posted by bob @ 02:53PM, 7/31/11
Just made a fantastic batch of jam. removed the stones with a metal sieve & retured the liquor. 54% fruit after removing stones added some lemon juice, set perfectly. made about 5kg got happy neighbours
posted by Sylvia Sanderson @ 02:38AM, 9/01/11
I have been given some damsons so I am going to make jam for the first time ever, but exactly how much sugar should I use, I don't want it to be too sweet.
Damson Jam
posted by June Palmer @ 09:04AM, 9/20/11
Made this damson jam recipe,I put in less sugar and substituted some of the water with Brandy. Great.
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