Turkey in a Sack


1 turkey, 14-16 lb (6.3- 7.2 kg)
tsp freshly ground black pepper
tsp salt
tsp mild paprika
tsp hot water
1 cup (8fl oz/230 ml) peanut oil


1. combine pepper, salt, paprika and water and let stand for at least 10 minutes.
Add peanut oil and mix thoroughly.

2. Select turkey carefully. It should not exceed 16 lbs/7.20 kg. Wash and dry.
Rub some peanut oil mixture in-side the turkey and on the outer skin.
Truss as desired.

3. Pour remaining oil into large paper sack, with no holes.
Rub oil into inside of sack until every pore in every inch of the sack is sealed with oil mixture.
Place turkey in sack, breast up.
Fold end of the sack over and tie securely.

Bake in a moderate oven, 170°C/325°F, gas mark 3, for approxi­mately 10 minutes per pound.
Since the sack is airtight, the turkey is cooked by live steam.
Therefore, when the sack is opened, be careful.

You will not have to baste this turkey since the oil-sealed sack is self-basting.
You will not have to watch it carefully.

The turkey comes out tender to the bone and golden brown.
Your turkey is done, ready to serve, and you can wrap up the sack after the bird and the juices have been removed, and
throw it away.

There is not even a roas­ter to scrub and wash. It is a good idea, however,
to rest the sack on a cookie sheet as some of the oil may seep through the outside of the sack/

This turns out to be a wonderful tradi­tional roast turkey which deserves all the trimmings;
mashed or roast potatoes, cranberry sauce, a green vegetable and a gravy made from the accumulated juices,
which you carefully pour into a saucepan and reduce to the required consistency,
adding a drop or two of whatever wine you're serving with the bird.

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