Empress Rice Pudding (Riz a l'imperatrice)

This delicious dessert is said to have been created for, and named after, the Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III of France.


6 servings
75 g (3 oz) 1/2 CUP Round-grain rice
50 g (2 oz) 1/4 cup Castor (superfine) sugar
900 ml(1 1/2 pints) 3 3/4 cups Milk
1 1/2 tsp Vanilla essence (extract)
2 Tbs Chopped candied peel
2 Tbs Chopped glace cherries
2 Tbs Kirsch
3 Egg yolks
25 g (1 oz) Gelatine, dissolved in 6 Tbs hot water
250 ml (8 fl oz) 1 cup Custard
300 ml (10 fl oz) 1 1/4 cups Double (heavy) cream, stiffly beaten
2 Tbs Apricot jam


1. Preheat the oven to cool 150°C (Gas Mark 2, 300°F).

2. Put the rice, sugar, milk and vanilla in a well-greased baking dish and put the dish into the oven. Bake for 3 hours, or until the rice is cooked and all the liquid is absorbed.

3. Meanwhile, put the candied peel and glace cherries in a bowl and pour over the kirsch. Set aside to marinate at room temperature.

4. Remove the dish from the oven and gradually beat in the egg yolks, then the gelatine. Set aside to cool for 15 minutes.

5. Beat in the fruit and kirsch mixture, then fold in the custard and cream.

6. Lightly coat the inside of a 1 1/4 litres (2 pint) (1 1/2 quart) mould with the jam. Pour the rice mixture into the mould, smoothing it down. Put into the refrigerator to chill for 2 hours, or until the rice has set.

7. To serve, remove the mould from the refrigerator and run a knife around the edge of the rice. Invert quickly on to a serving dish, giving the mould a sharp tap. The rice should slide out easily.

Serve at once.

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