Epigrams of Lamb or Mutton


serves 4 - 6
a breast of lamb or mutton (500 g approx)
4 cups (1 litre) 1 3/4 pint water or brown stock
1 medium-sized onion (100 g approx)
1/2 turnip (25 g approx)
1 medium sized carrot (50 g approx)
bouquet garni
salt and ground black pepper
15 g gelatine
1 tbsp hot water
2 cups (500 ml) thick Bechamel sauce
1 egg
6 tbsp soft white breadcrumbs
oil for deep frying
300 ml Soubise sauce


1. Wipe the meat.

2. Put the water or stock in a large pan and bring to the boil.

3. Add the meat and boil for 5 minutes.

4. Prepare the onion, turnip and carrot, and slice them thickly.

5. Add the vegetables to the meat with the bouquet garni and salt.

6. Cover the pan and simmer gently for about 1 hour until the meat is tender.

7. Meanwhile, dissolve the gelatine in the hot water.

8. Mix it with the Bechamel Sauce and leave the sauce until cold, and beginning to thicken.

9. When cooked, take the meat out of the pan.

10. Remove the skin, bones, and gristle, and press the meat between 2 plates until cold and firm.

11. Then cut the meat into neat pieces for serving.

12. Season the meat well with salt and pepper, then coat it completely with the Bechamel Sauce.

13. Repeat the coating if necessary to give a thick covering of sauce.

14. Chill the cutlets until the sauce is set.

15. Beat the egg until liquid and pour on to a flat dish.

16. When the sauce is set and firm, dip the epigrams into the beaten egg and coat them with the breadcrumbs.

17. Heat the oil (plO) and fry the epigrams quickly until golden-brown. Lift them out and drain thoroughly. Arrange in a circle on a warmed serving dish, with the Soubise sauce in a sauce-boat in the centre.

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