Italian Pea and Ham Risotto

In northern Italy, where rice dishes are as popular as pasta dishes are in the south, this recipe is called 'Risi Bisi'. It is important to use an Italian short-grain rice to make this simple but tasty risotto.
Preparation time : 10 minutes,
Cooking time : 30-35 minutes,
Calories per serving: 500


serves 4
12 oz (350 g) Italian short-grain risotto rice
4 thin slices lean cooked ham
1/2 large onion
2 tablespoons virgin olive oil
1/2 oz (15g) butter
2 pints (1.1 litres) chicken or vegetable stock
1/4 pint (150 ml) dry white wine
3 oz (75 g) frozen peas
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
2 oz (50 g) freshly grated Parmesan cheese


1. Remove any fat from the ham. Cut the ham into thin slices and leave to one side. Finely chop the onion. Heat the oil and butter in a large saucepan over a gentle heat and cook the onion for 5 minutes, until soft and golden.

2. Mix the rice with the onion and continue cooking it over a moderate heat for 5-7 minutes, until the grains of rice begin to burst. Meanwhile, heat the stock.

3. Stir the wine into the rice until it has been absorbed. Add 1/4 pint (150 ml) of the hot stock. Mix well and cook over a moderate heat until the stock has been absorbed, stirring continuously.

4. Continue cooking for 20 minutes, adding the remaining stock in 1/4 pint quantities, until the rice is tender yet firm and the texture is creamy. Add the peas with the last measure of stock and season to taste.

5. Fold in the ham and 1 oz (25 g) of the Parmesan. Divide the mixture between serving bowls, sprinkle with the remaining Parmesan and serve.

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Italian Pea and Ham Rissotto recipe
posted by yvonne @ 02:15PM, 9/30/09
I have never tried Rissoto before and thought this was a top recipe and will definately be on my menu from now on
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