Poached John Dory with Scallops


serves 4
1 large or 2 medium John Dory
4 scallops, cleaned and trimmed
Warm stock made from the fish head and bones
2-4 tablespoons dry vermouth
Juice of 1/2 orange and 4 matchsticks of thinly pared orange peel, blanched
Freshly ground black pepper
Chervil to garnish


1. Although the John Dory is a round fish, lifting off the fillets is more like dealing with a flat fish.

2. Take off the 4 fillets and use the head and bones to make the stock.

3. If you wish to skin the fillets, this is more easily done after cooking.

4. Wash the fish fillets and pat dry with kitchen paper. Slice the white lobe of each scallop in half.

5. Place the fish fillets in a shallow pan suitable for poaching and pour the warm stock over, adding the vermouth, orange juice and matchsticks of peel and a grinding of black pepper.

6. Bring slowly up to just under simmering point and poach for 2 minutes.

7. Now add the scallops and continue to poach for a further minute, or until just cooked, adding the corals of the scallops for the final 30 seconds' cooking time: they cook very quickly.

8. Using a perforated spoon, transfer the fish fillets and scallops to a warmed serving dish and keep warm.

9. Reduce the poaching liquid by half, until it is of a creamy consistency. Check the seasoning, trickle some sauce over and around the fillets and scallops, garnish each fillet with a clover pattern of chervil and place a scallop coral in the centre.

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Irish Chef
posted by Brian Mc goran @ 08:07PM, 5/18/06
Poaching scallops makes the scallops taste rubbery like over cooked squid, ideally one should sear the scallops and add to the dish.

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