Fish and seafood recipes

  Fried Carp  
A selection of tasty fried and Stuffed Carp dishes including Chinese Carp and Carp with Mushrooms.
A selection of catfish recipes including favorites Catfish Pie and Crispy Fried Catfish.
A large collection of recipes for this popular fish variety including pies, curries, marinades and a variety of main courses.
A collection of appetizing dressings, salads and creative dishes made using flavor packed crab meat.
Poached, smoked and baked eel recipes including Eel Pie, Eel with Breadcrumbs and Eel Stew.
A variety of recipes including marinated, baked and Stuffed Grey Mullet dishes.
Recipes including smoked haddock, baked haddock, haddock pies, sauces and creams, the popular Kedgeree dish and more.
A number of lavish recipes for hake including Breton steaks, Hake Florentine and Spanish-style Hake Fillets.
A handful of recipes including baked and grilled halibut. A Superb Baked Halibut with Wine recipe and many other recipes.
Tasty herring dishes including a number of sauces, salads and meals like Devilled Herring and Solomon Gundy.
  Kipper Flan  
An enticing selection of kipper dishes including Kipper pate, Grilled Kippers, Kipper Flan and Potted Smoked Fish.
A number of shellfish recipes like Lobster Newburg--grilled, stuffed, baked, Dressed Lobster and Spanish Lobster.
Mackerel sauces, soup, souffle, stuffing and a number of other creative uses for this delicious oily fish.
A flavorful collection of monkfish dishes including favorites like Peppered Monkfish Fillets, Gingered Monkfish and Roast Monkfish Tail.
A sizeable collection of dishes including Moules a la Mariniere, Mussels au Gratin, Boccoletti with Mussels and many other recipes.
Combined seafood dishes like Fish Cakes, Pate, Curry and Seafood Gumbo as well as a number of soups, sauces salad recipes.
  Oregano Oysters  
A great variety of Oyster sauces and other dishes including Oyster Fritters, Oregano Oysters, and Steak and Oyster Pie.
A number of great pike dishes including Braised Pike, Pike with Butter Sauce, Pike Quenelles and other recipes.
A large and flavorful collection of dishes for this soft white fish including Stuffed Plaice Rolls, Spicy Plaice, Curried Plaice Fillets and a number of sauces.
A number of exotic and creative pomfret dishes like Tandoori Pomfret, Indian Fish cakes and Pattra de Macchi.
Delicious prawn recipes including the popular Prawn Cocktail, Prawn Risotto, Curried Prawns, Oriental prawns, Masala Prawns and many other dishes.
A variety of recipes for this delicate fish including Italian Fish Bake, Woodcock of the Sea and Red Mullet Provencale.
Recipes and Cooking instructions for Cooking Salmon, grilled, baked and Poached Salmon, detailed instructions and cooking tips
  Saffron Fish  
A great selection of salmon trout recipes including Stuffed Fish, Saffron Fish, Grilled Salmon Trout, Angevin Salmon Trout.
A delicious collection of sardine dishes including Pan-fried Spicy Sardines, Sardine and Tomato Gratinee, Sardine Quiche and Sardinhas Fritas
  Scampi Salad  
A dozen or so tasty scampi recipes including Scampi Provencale, Fried Scampi Tails, Scampi in Paprika Cream and Chinese-style Scampi.
A handful of methods, marinades and recipe ideas for sea bass including Sweet & Sour Bass, Mexican Spicy fish and Sea Bass with Chinese Chives.
  Baked Sea Bream  
A handful of easy Sea Bream recipes including Herbal Grilled Sea Bream, Stuffed Sea Bream and Savoury Grilled Sea Bream.
Delicious shrimp recipes including Spicy Potted Shrimps, Curried Shrimps, Shrimp Pilaff and Barbecued Shrimps.
A collection of skate recipes like Skate Toledo and Skate Portuguese as well as a number of sauces and other dishes.
A large collection of recipes for this delicious fish. Dishes include Fish Milanese, Lemony Sole Fillets, Baked Lemon Sole and Grilled Dover Sole.
A variety of exotic squid recipes including Calamares Espana, Vietnamese Stuffed Squid and Grilled Squid with Lime.
Delicious swordfish dishes; Swordfish au poivre, Swordfish and mushroom parcels, Swordfish Kebabs and a number of other recipes.
Over 70 Trout recipes, classic and modern including: Trout Au Bleu, Stuffed Baked Trout etc.
A sizeable number of simple tuna recipes including Crunchy Fish Pie, Island Tuna and Tuna Pasta Bake.
A number of tasty recipes for this delicate fish including Crispy Fish Sticks, Whiting Casserole and Steamed Minted Whiting with Soured Cream.
A selection of recipes and salads for this lightly smoked variety of fish.
Recipes for this large flat fish including Sometset Fish casserole, Poached Brill and Baked Brill with Minted Sauce.
A handful of fresh clam recipes like Fresh Clams with Pasta, Clams in Oyster Sauce and Fettuccine Alle Vongole.
Eel Casserole, Conger Eel Island Pie and Matelote of Eels are just a few of the recipes in this collection.
Simple and easy fish batter recipes including Beer Batter, Tempura Batter and a number of basic fish batters.
Various ways to cook flounder including spiced, grilled or steamed flounder, marinades and sauces.
A few recipes for this spiky fish including John Dory with Wine and John Dory au Gratin.
A small amount of perch including Baked Perch, Fried Perch and Poached Fillet of Perch.
A collection of recipes including Marinated Grilled Shark Steaks, Stewed Shark Steaks Creole Style and Cheesy Baked Shark.
Turbot Marengo, Turbot and Lemon au Gratin, Turbot Duglere just a few of these delicious turbot recipes.
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