Fruit recipes

A large collection of tasty apple recipes including Caramel topped apples, Apple Meringue and Apple Crumble.
  Apricot Crepes  
A selection of delicious apricot recipes like Apricot Flan and Apricot Pie.
  Avocado Fish  
A sizeable collection of delicious and creative avocado dishes like Avocado and Prawn Salad and Avocado Cream Dessert.
A great collection of banana recipes including favorites such as Sticky Banoffee Pies and Banana Split.
  Bilberry Cream  
Recipes for this much-overlooked fruit including Bilberry Cream and Bilberry and Apple Pie.
Blackberry Fool, Blackberry cheese shortcake and a selection of other scrumption recipes using blackberries.
A variety of succulent cherry dishes and desserts, including Cherry Layer Pudding and Cherry Cake.
A number of fig dishes and desserts like Fig Dessert and Figs With Lemon Flavoured Cream.
Simple and delicious recipes including exotic desserts such as Syrian Fruit Salad and Melon Cup.
A variety of Gooseberry dishes and summer desserts like Gooseberry Fool, Gooseberry Pudding and Gooseberry Pie.
  Kiwi Trifle  
A superb collection of kiwi fruit recipes including Kiwi Trifle, Apricot and Kiwi Fruit Cups, and Strawberry Kiwi Swirl.
Delicious lemon classics; Lemon Cheesecake, Lemon Layer Pudding, Lemon Biscuits and many more recipes.
A large collection of Mango recipes; Caramelised mango, Griddled mango, Mango, Lime and Coconut milk Pudding, Mango Hedgehog.
A variety of olive recipes like Citrus Spiced Olives as well as recipes using olives; Duck with Olives, Whiting Stuffed with Olives etc.
Collection of peach recipes incl. Peach Surprise, Fresh Peach Dairy Ice Cream, Spiced Peaches and more.
A variety of plum puddings, desserts and tarts like Honey Plum Cobbler and Nutty Plum Crumble.
Various extravagant desserts and prune dishes including the delicious Prune, Apricot and Nut Torte.
A handful of greengage recipes including Greengage Shortcake and Greengage Coconut Sponge.
A small handful of favorite dishes using the Pawpaw fruit.
A small collection of pomegranate puddings including Pomegranate Sherbert.
A handful of satsuma recipes including Satsuma Fool and Satsuma Surprise.
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